The news is now viral. Yesterday Gigi Hadid published on her Istagram profile an open letter to those who criticize her for her physical appearance considered too “generous”. A real outburst in which the model reminds everyone that she does not receive any special treatment – she perfectly fit sample sizes- but she is proud of her body and she wouldn’t change it for nothing since her success it’s precisely due to the fact that she is different from the others. For us, here at TheBlondeSalad Gigi Hadid represents one of the most promising models of the fashion system and it seems absurd that such a harmonious body could be the subject of such rage. We dedicated her a special gallery that features her happiest and most important moments of her career! Good job Gigi, keep it up!

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  • Amazing, everyone is beautiful and of course she is, but the great thing here is that she decided to confront that people who are unrespectful with others.

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  • She’s perfect and her body too all models should be like him… She’s a real woman in a real life not anorexic and skeletal like the girl behind… And the womans would be happier

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    She is beautiful and I would love to see all of the models walking the runway look much more like Gigi…a real women’s body!!! It is shameful that women everywhere including runway models starving themselves! I went down this road as a younger woman and it is harmful…now at a very healthy weight I continue to scrutinize myself, the effect of the past is still in the back of my mind.

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  • She is so awesome, she looks athletic and healthy, not anorexic like so many models these days. It is so amazing of her to stand up for her self – wish I could be more like that!!

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  • Gigi’s body is lovely! She looks healthy, and what’s most important is that she’s happy and confident with herself 🙂
    It’s really inspiring that she’s speaking out against cyberbullying <3
    Thank you for sharing!

    xo, elizabeth t.

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    When you consider the fact that the average woman in the US is a size 12-14, Gigi is very skinny by those standards. Not all models need to be shapeless stick figures. Clothing actually looks better on women with proportional curves like Gigi’s. I think strength and health should be what models are modeling to our youth. The heroin chic days are long gone thankfully.

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  • Se non ha un fisico pazzesco Lei sicuramente chi la critica è un’idiota. Molto meglio delle anoressiche manici di scopa delle Sue colleghe.

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    she is so gorgeous and puts forward such a healthy model of beauty… Wish there were many more like her!! Haters gonna hate…

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    The only thing I can’t understand is: what’s wrong with her body?? She looks like a real normal woman!

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  • This post is amazing!!! Solidarity!! She is honestly so beautiful! Thank you Blonde Salad team for this post.

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  • Such an inspiration! She is lovely, everyone is – no matter what their body looks like or what size they are. Bullying is such an awful thing and I hope future generations are inspired to put an end to it!

    Thank you for sharing!


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    I’m not saying that we shouldn’t promote the healthy body image in the fashion industry but she is too fat for the model standards. Even in one of the above pictures you can see the tremendous difference between her and the other models. What makes me angry is that there are a lot of girls working hard and starving themselves to walk on those runways and the person who is picked is just a girl with a rich daddy.

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    VINCEEEE <3 Articolo su GIGIIII <3 <3 <3

    J 😉

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    i think she is gorgeous and she has a normal body for a girl, not too thin like the most of models in the fashion industry. She is in healt, that’s all.

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    She looks so perfectly healthy and def have that 90s sexy body! It is really refreshing to see her rise and shine!

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  • I believe Gigi Hadid looks perfectly healthy and she should be celebrated because she brings back the glory of 90s supermodel. Being Arab on her dad’s side, Gigi is one of the few models of Arab descent to rise to prominence along with Hanaa Ben Abdesslem and Iman Hammam. 50 years from now, I believe Gigi will be remembered as a critically acclaimed fashion icon.


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