kkkThe other day a few of us went to see the movie Carol. We fell in love – not only with the plot, but also with the styling and outfits of the leading lady Cate Blanchett, so we decided to do a post showcasing some of the most beautiful and memorable looks we’ve seen on the silver screen. From Julia Robert’s iconic polka dot dress in Pretty Woman, to the young Jodie Foster’s outfit in Taxi Driver, and right up to the stunning Julianne Moore in A Single Man…who do you think we’ve left out?

Which of them is your favorite look? We know which is ours…see if you can guess! 🙂

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27 Responses to “Girls on film: our favorite looks from the movies”

  • loving the inspiration – especially audrey, cher and of course carrie!

    Reply to Astrid
  • I think your fave might be Sarah Jessica Parker from SATC? Not sure though, since they’re all amazing! I absolutely love clueless and grease though.

    Reply to Sarah Cosmos
  • Vivien Leigh Gone with the wind is my favorite and I think yours could be Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City 🙂 btw great post…

    Reply to betul

    Amazig all of them!! but I think you forgot my absolute winner, Grace Kelly in Rear Window, that film is a elegance lesson.

    Reply to Sofia
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