Today Johnny Depp turns 52, and as the years go by, his career seems to know no decline;  the actor, in fact, is still super requested by international Houses and the best directors. The news travelled around the world and by now everyone knows: the fascinating actor will be the new face of Christian Dior Perfumes, brand with which he debuts in the world of Beauty. The official shots of the campaign will be released by the end of the year and we cannot wait to see the final result.

This is a lucky time for his film career as well: Depp is in fact currently shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales in Australia. The actor, director, and now model had a love life filed with beautiful women (from Winona Ryder, Kate Moss to Vanessa Paradis who gave him two children but never married and his last love, Amber Heard, whom he married a few months ago).  “Jack Sparrow” still maintains his title of sex symbol. In the gallery 30 years of an amazing and wonderful career and the most significant moments of his life.

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