Last week, Audrey Hepburn‘s sons shared very rare photos of their mother from their private collection for an exhibition that opened at the London’s National Portrait Gallery on July 2nd and will be in the city until October 18th. Hepburn, style icon and Hollywood star, was only 63 years old when she passed away, but her life has been so intense it is almost unbelievable; other human beings couldn’t do so much in two centuries! Her activism during World War II has always represented a significant part of her official biographies.

The actress, who at the time lived in Holland where she was studying ballet, did all she could to support the resistance movement and as children used to occasionally do, acted as carrier transporting money and information between groups of partisans. Food was scarce and as most of the locals, used to obtain flour for cakes and cookies from a very unusual source, tulips’ bulbs. A fun fact about Audrey, you probably don’t know? There is a wonderful variety of white tulip that in 1990 was named after her! Yet she did not like herself that much; her son Luca Dotti revealed to Vanity Fair that when she looked at her reflection in the mirror she used to wonder how people could consider her beautiful.

Audrey is also one of the 14 people in the world to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony Award, but her records don’t end here: with UNICEF, although she joined the organization only in 1954, she was involved in some of the most profoundly disadvantaged communities of Africa, South America and Asia between 1988 and 1992, year in which she was awarded with the  Presidential Medal of Freedom, for her work as Goodwill Ambassador. Quintessence of femininity and elegance, charismatic muse and humanitarian, she has all the qualities to be our Inspiration Of The Week.

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