barbie56 years old and feeling 20: it’s her, Barbie, the timeless fashion icon, idol of girls of every generation who, has never been under the attention of artists and designers as today. She is also the protagonist of a an exhibition at the Milan Mudec (Museo delle Culture). Barbie. The Icon, open until March 13th  2016, is divided into five sections: fashion, family, career, Barbie in the world and Barbie diva and celebrity. Yes, because as far as fame and wardrobe the Kardashian sisters have nothing on her: the biggest and most exclusive names of fashion designed clothes and accessories for her, from Dior to Louboutin and Jeremy Scott who created a special version accessorized with 8 ready-to-wear items that will be sold on the Moschino website and on Net à Porter. Yet, the most famous plastic blondie in the world is not just a doll but a social phenomenon: although in many cases it has been an expression of the stereotype in which  women are still caged in, from the impossible perfection of her body, to the ever present bombshell look (or hipster fashonista, check out the profile @socalitybarbie that shut down a few days ago but already won our hearts), on the other hand, she represents the evolution of females from a society standpoint, with inequalities, professional achievements, for which Mattel is increasingly involved (watch the video under the gallery). Our gallery collects all the best and most important moments of the life of Barbie: who hasn’t owned at least one?


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  • That was the cutest video I’ve seen in a while! Brought me back to when I’d play with my Barbies for hours on end, making them whatever I wanted to be.

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