The real show is on the streets, the streets talk to me. This is the philosophy of the photographer who invented streetstyle: Bill Cunningham. Riding his bike wearing his unmistakable blue jacket and with his always nice and never intrusive attitude, for the love of photography and led by the desire of looking at fashion from a different angle -that is far from the conventional one-, Bill portrayed with his camera stars, models and common people. Initially, his muse was Editta Sherman, who he used to photograph in front of the most beautiful monuments of Manhattan wearing period costumes. It was then the city itself and its inhabitants to inspire him, giving him fame. His spontaneous images were noticed by the New York Times, which offered him a collaboration. Stars of the likes of Anna Wintour, Greta Gerbo, Anna Piaggi, David Rockefeller and Oscar de la Renta, were (and are still today) Bill’s favorite subjects. Everyone loves posing in front of his camera and his experienced eye and, through the years, they became good friends with him! Among his numerous awards received during over 40 years of career, there is an exhibition dedicated to his photography, the official Medal of the Order of Arts and Letters in Paris and a documentary dedicated to his everyday life and his job. We dedicate him a gallery to better know the work of the photographer who made the history of streetstyle.

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