“I want to go beyond the old system, work together, support one another and make of fashion a big community of talents”. To those who are wondering why a woman like Donatella Versace, at the helm of one of the most important fashion houses of the world, agreed to support a “competitor” posing for Givenchy’s Fall Winter 2015, well, this is the answer: “because we should surpass old mechanisms and work as a team”. Not a new concept for younger brands, which often collaborate on special projects, and for fast fashion, as we are witnessing with the long-awaited H&M capsule collections. It is more unusual at the higher levels, if we don’t consider the support operations to new generations (of which Donatella has always been part of with her line Versus Versace). If talent should be encouraged, why just support those who still have a long way to go? The innovation consists in promoting those who are at our same level. In order to do so, courage and a lot of confidence are necessary, but also generosity and spirit of challenge. Inspiring characteristics that makes us choose Donatella Versace as our “inspiration of the week“.


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  • I don’t care what anyone says, she is an icon! Her brand and collaborations are always stunning and to be admired.

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  • She is the sister of Gianni Versace, and she has proven to be no lesser sibling. Such an inpiration

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  • I though it amazing. This is an old fashion industry way of thinking that needs to be analyzed. The world changed and fashion should all work together, make the industry stronger.


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  • I think that’s why she is very succeed woman , she wants the best for everyone even her enemies !

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    I vestiti del alta moda migliori sono stati e lo saranno per sempre i vostri, anche i migliori dei tessuti assoluti, anche i migliori colori, anche abbinati.

    Ma la cosa più bella della vostra moda sono i vestiti. Sono stato sempre ammirato anche di chi li poteva indossare, mia moglie non li può indossare perché non possiamo permettere di comperare.

    Mi accontento guardarli indossate le meraviglie delle meraviglie indossate su chi li può permettere di comperare. Un grazie che voi siete la bandiera del vestire bene

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