Caroline de Maigret

How can you be a Parisian? It’s not only about that killer vintage leather jacket, the wide neck tee, the man shirt used as a dress… it’s mostly about the attitude. Embracing your inner snob, spending half an hour in your bathroom to make your make-up look effortless, never being satisfied, ordering wine at lunch, sleeping with a braid so that everyone thinks you had sex all night… Who embodies all of this better than Caroline de Maigret? The former french model and now music producer, recently wrote, with three of her closest friends, the book How To Be A Parisian Wherever You Are, an ironic style guide that express that unique and typical appeal that is a characteristic a of the Parisienne woman.  A style that made the success of Isabel Marant, one of the first to portray it on the runway, and also the main theme of many collections, and not only french brands. Being Parisian is cool. Or better: it’s Chic. And “chic” can’t be translated in no other language.

Enjoy the gallery and don’t forget to watch the video below!


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