Among the many things said about her, there is one that is particularly interesting: apparently she was the first woman to wear a pair of jeans. It would only be one of the thousand things this wonderful 93-year-old woman, who is till this day much talked about, did in her life. Who are we talking about? Iris Apfel, muse, creative mind and style icon. She started as interior designer, she had founded a textile company named Old World Weavers with her beloved husband Carl. They even collaborated on White House restorations, she worked with 9 different Presidents there.  She inherited a great passion for fashion from her mother, even though she dislikes being called a fashionista. She becomes a style icon, especially due to her positive attitude and a fun and playful lifestyle. White hair, iconic round black glasses, big colorful jewelry pieces that she often wears one on top of the other make her instantly recognizable. A documentary entirely dedicated to her and directed by the great Albert Maysles will be released on April 29th (watch the trailer below) and we cannot wait to watch it.


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