wesWes Anderson has a very distinctive characteristic and whoever saw one of his films has been most likely impressed by such a particular style of his characters and places. His work inspired many people in fashion: from Gucci’s Alessandro Michele to Miuccia Prada (who, after commissioning some short movies, asked him to create a wonderful bat in her newborn Fondazione, the much photographed Bar Luce), his fans are always the most numerous. The diehards cannot miss the art exhibition that the New York Joseph Gros Gallery dedicated to him from August 7th till August 9th  : over 70 pieces inspired by Anderson and his work. For those who are not so lucky to be in the Big City during that weekend, here we are, offering a gallery rich of fragments of his movies, short films and graphics inspired by the artist’s masterpieces.


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  • WES is amazing!!! Our favorite films are the Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom! I always imagine myself in Moonrise Kingdom as the artist who wants to run away and be fashionable with her boyfriend who takes care of all the technical details of life!


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