KkIt’s a special day for the world most famous social siblings. Today they present their Topshop collection, available ontopshop.com and in selected Nordstrom stores. It’s the second collection for Kendall and Kylie Jenner created in collaboration with the historic British store. A new project released just in time for the Christmas holidays which, as the Jenner sisters say, focuses on pieces that are just perfect for the holidays.The first collection by the Jenner sisters last June sold out immediately. This time it’s about 15 pieces that range from bomber jackets and fur to crop top and super sensual bodysuits, all perfectly embodying the Kardashian-Jenner bombshell style. Waiting to know if this collection will be another success, we put together a gallery that displays the impressive evolution of these two inseparable sisters, from their early age to the best family and red carpet moments!

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  • Love how Kendall was already into animal print at such young age! She looked great on that dress. Such an evolution though, their faces really changed over time.


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  • They’re both so pretty, and I love their style so much <3
    Haha for some reason, even though Kylie's shorter and is younger, I always thought she's the older sister 😛
    Thank you so much for sharing! So excited for their new line for Topshop!

    XO, Elizabeth

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