Please, don’t think we are boring just because we are choosing someone from the cast of Stranger Things 2 as our Woman Crush again! It’s not our fault if this year’s cast is full of interesting people! 24-year-old Linnea Berthelsen is our crush of the week, thanks to her role as Eight in the über popular American TV show. Let’s get to know her a little better by discovering 5 interesting facts about her!


1. From Denmark, with… Talent
Linnea was born in Denmark, and she lived there until she moved to the UK just a few years ago. What made her decide to move, then? Her passion and her love, not for a man, but for acting! Linnea moved to London to go to acting school.

2. What an audition!
When Linnea’s Danish agent called her to tell her about the open role in the cast of Stranger Things, the actress had no idea of what Stranger Things was all about. Her agent suggested she watches the show, and she binged on the whole first season Inge one day. She was so fascinated by the series that she decided to prepare for an audition herself, filming herself improving some scenes, sending her videos to the producers in the US. And it immediately worked… Well played, Linnea, best audition ever!

3. What sort of outfit is that?!?
Berthelsen often said she’s not exactly a fashion buff, and what matters to her when she chooses an outfit is that it feels comfortable, allowing her to blend in. This young woman actually loves dressing super casually, even with fitness clothing, sometimes… So if she feels the sudden urge to go to the gym, she will be ready!

4. Hobbies and passions
Fashion is not her thing, but Linnea has a lot of other hobbies that fill her days. Even though her profession keeps her very busy every day, Berthelsen loves dancing and watching history and marine biology documentaries! Definitely unusual, that’s for sure!

5. Two essential tips for success!
Linnea is a young successful woman, and she always followed two rules to get great results: working hard and being curious. According to Linnea, these are the two essential rules you should follow if you want to become an actress, and she encourages other young women to do the same. Considering her results, we’d better listen!

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