Last week the queen of pop  put together a stellar cast for her new music : Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and the designer Alexander Wang are the exceptional extras of “Bitch I’m Madonna”. Despite their presence Mrs Ciccone does not certainly go unnoticed: with a bold, eccentric and rock look (pink studded leather jacket matching her locks and an animal printed super sexy set) she confirms once again, like it or not, her being a trendsetter who is always up to date.  Over 30 years in the business, between music and film, Madonna is an undisputedly inspirational icon for many generations and is also the absolute most chameleonic artist of the star system. We saw her change uncountable looks and styles throughout the years: not just from blonde to brunette but also from saint to provoker, raising each time a bunch of critics (and applauses). Our gallery retraces her style evolution and the best moments of her career. Our favorite one? The time when in the 1980’s she sang Like a Virgin with tutu and teared stockings. What about yours?


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    Solo hay que ver mi nombre con “nn” para saber lo inspiradora que ha sido para mí desde la primera vez que la vi cuando yo solo tenía 11 años. Sigue sorprendiéndome y divirtiéndome treinta años después y lo mejor de todo es que sigue siendo igual de descarada que entonces. Forever Madonnna, thanks for your style

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  • Her style will always be so inspirationally edgy! Forever Madonna inspired in whatever art form she does

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    She is the pillar other female artists lean on when needing guidance. Her career gave birth to the modern female popstars we know and love (and hate!) today. Detractors will attempt to demean her achievements, minimise her succes or try in vain to discount her influence, but it is there, plain and simple, written in history. Yes we had Debbie Harry, ok we got Cher, but NONE had the cultural impact that Madona had or her eye for social commentary and success. Her talent was her drive, she became an inspiration for all and a beacon of hope for the outcast long before Lady agaGa tried to champion the cause. Everyone from Kylie Minogue to Alison Goldfrapp and the latest princess Taylor Swift cite her as being the one they want to be. Rihanna and Beyonce, Britney and Pink all claim to be inspired by Madonna either creatively or culturally. Madonna is the one. And thankfully, and uniquely she is very much here and still among us. She should be celebrated at every given opportunity. She is the one true survivor of the golden age of pop, a titan among gods, a true icon among pretenders. Long may she reign

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