Monday is the hardest day of the week, the one on which you would much rather stay under the covers… This is how we also feel about Mondays at TBS, and that was why we started our Man Crush Monday — to start the week with a smile, and take care of our mood. All our attention is on Douglas Booth today: the young English actor is currently shooting his new film Loving Vincent, in which he features as the main character. The film was shot normally first, and then turned into an animation whose style is inspired by Van Gogh’s brushstrokes, in a homage to the great Dutch painter. Here are 5 things you should know about Douglas!


1. Acting took care of his health.
Douglas, who is 25 today, spent a large portion of his childhood fighting dyslexia, and his condition was making him rather shy and withdrawn. Luckily, his parents didn’t just take him to a speech therapist, they also decided to sign him up for the National Youth Music Theatre — thanks to acting, and willpower, he got over his condition completely.

2. Not only cinema
Our dear Booth is not just an actor, he also modelled for famous English brand Burberry, in their Fall 2009 campaign which was shot by Mario Testino, and also featured beautiful Emma Watson. It was quite predictable that the fashion industry would set its eyes on him: was that campaign just a one-off experience, or will modelling become his second job?

3. Everyone wants him… Including Taylor Swift
So, stop right there with the gossip, because this didn’t work out the way we hoped it would, at all. Rumor has it that Douglas did not engage with poor Taylor’s flirting — the singer had been very charmed by the young actor. And Taylor was not the only girl Douglas friendzoned: apparently, something similar happened with Miley Cyrus, whom Douglas met on set when shooting LOL.

4. Italy is in his heart — the US, not so much
Douglas often discussed his love for Italy and its people in interviews: he lived in Italy while shooting Romeo and Juliet, and he had a good time. In Rome, Douglas enjoyed interacting with authentic, real people, something which apparently does not happen to him when he goes to Los Angeles to shoot. Douglas seems to find L.A. too “fake”, and he prefers New York City when visiting the US: according to him, NY’s population comes from all walks of life, and this is what makes the city more interesting.

5. He is an activist and he is socially engaged
One of the things an artist should do when he reaches the peak of his career, Douglas thinks, is to be thankful for what he or she has, and one of the best ways to do this is by helping other people. This is why Douglas has been working for a few years with UNHCR, the UN organisation that takes care of refugees. Douglas’s feelings of solidarity extend to animals: the actor is a vegetarian, and despite loving meat, he declared he will only eat it again when humans start consuming it with the right levels of awareness.


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