How good it feels to start our week writing our Crush about a guy with a positive attitude, considerable talent, and who never got things handed out to him on a plate: he is Aidan Turner and at 34, he is an icon in Ireland and in the United Kingdom.
Aidan was born in Clondalkin, a small town in the Republic of Ireland, where he lived until he graduated college. He had a perfectly normal childhood; his father was an electrician, his mother worked in an office. Since he was very little, he had a great passion for sports. Little Turner thus took tennis classes, tried badmington, and even tried his hand at ballroom dancing and latin dance contests. In the meantime, diploma in hand, he moved to Dublin.

The time in the capital would define his later career. Putting sports aside, he threw himself into his other passion, cinema. In order to see as many films as possible and to pay for his studies, he started working in a movie theater and then as a bartender. At this point, Aidan was madly in love with cinema and managed to secure a place to study at the Gaiety School of Acting.

At 21, Aidan got an important role in one of the most popular TV series of the last few years, The Tudors, and subsequently got cast for a number of other important roles, until he was chosen to play Ross Poldark in the BBC series named after the character, Poldark: the role that made his famous. Poldark is currently at its third season in the UK, which we hear from experts is also the one in which Aidan gives his best performance.

Finally, you should also know that it’s pretty much pointless to look up Aidan on social media, because he simply has zero interest in them and is not on any. He is a bit old-fashioned (in the best, romantic sense), the kind of man who still appreciates courting. In fact, our dear readers, if anyone is interested, Aidan has recently become single and available, so…!

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