Delon: when we read this surname, our mind goes to the great French actor, Alain, a man of unbeatable charme. His son, Alain-Fabien has inherited that same charm, if not the same carefree attitude and savoir faire as his father. The reason for this difference in character made the news: a few years ago, Fabien accused his father of violent behavior. This gradually damaged their relationship, until it became non-existent. This already challenging situation was further worsened by Fabien’s difficult relationship with his mother, who, according to him, was also never really a loving mother: this difficult childhood seems to be the reason behind this young man’s surly personality. His sullen character seems to have helped him get the cinema industry’s attention, though, since he starred as the main character in Yann Gonzales’s Les rencontres d’après minuit when he had just turned eighteen. It also seems to have helped him get noticed by the fashion industry, since he was chosen to be the face for Dior‘s Spring Summer 2016 men’s campaign. Fabien’s story is proof that the common idea that famous people’s kids always have it easy, growing up in a cocoon, is not a very accurate stereotype, after all. We are sure that our MCM of this week has a stellar career ahead of him, with his Parisian chic flair and an aura of mystery we really love… Although our greatest wish for him is that he manages to mend fences with his parents.

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    il ragazzo è bello come il sole. Ma i rapporti col fascinoso padre si saranno “inclinati” o invece forse, ehm, incRinati….?!?

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