Two successful years were enough for Andrew Taggart to be included in the prestigious Forbes list of the 30 most influential under-30s of 2016. His name might not really ring a bell, but what if I mentioned “Closer”, “Don’t let me down” and “Paris”? Would that change anything? Yes: Andrew and his friend Alex Pall are the men behind The Chainsmokers, possibly the most popular DJs right now. Their songs are topping charts everywhere, and people are dancing to their beats in clubs worldwide, which is why he is at the center of everyone’s attention. Music is everything for this 27-year-old guy from Portland, Oregon. He majored in kinda music department at Syracuse University, but it was meeting Alex that changed everything, bringing him the sort of global success that not even Drew really expected. Even what he does when he is not working is about music: he listens to the Rolling Stones in his free time, he loves Jared Leto and he says he can’t live without his computer — not to chat to his fans, but to use it to find inspiration for his music. He collaborated with a lot of artists, a lot of which are women, since The Chainsmokers love using female voices in their work, to balance voice and sound. And that also seems to be how he met Halsey, who went on to win Andrew’s heart after singing for him. What else can we say? Our MCM is handsome, talented and successful… And we can’t wait to go listen to his music at one of his European dates!

All the photos are taken from Andrew Taggart Instagram profile

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