In the world of Millennials, in this constant race at being the coolest of all, Brian Whittaker, our Man of the week, definitely stands out. Not just because Brian is not a celebrity kid — which is pretty rare these days — but also because success came very suddenly for him. 17-year-old Whittaker became popular quite spontaneously, actually, simply by posting photos of himself on social networks: this, and his peculiar, handsome features attracted the attention of lots of “fans” who started following him.
Posting a photo to get a lot of “likes” is actually very typical behavior for the young people of our generation, that is true… But in Brian’s case, there is a lot more than vanity behind it. He talked in a lot of interviews about how he was a very shy teenager, and most of all, a depressed one; he was troubled by his introverted character, by acne and his gap teeth, of which he was terribly ashamed.
Despite his insecurities, Brian became more and more handsome growing up, to the point of being stopped in the street by a model scout, to his greatest surprise. That was how Whittaker started his career, posing as a model at the age of 16: from that moment on, Brian and his ice-blue eyes attracted a lot of attention in the fashion system. Why him and not others, then? Because he was not afraid to be himself, with all his flaws — he never hid anything, and honesty pays off. He was recently part of Coach‘s campaign, although he still seems to be most comfortable wearing street style, which might be why he looked so incredible at Rihanna’s FentyxPuma show.
This week’s Crush story is the demonstration that social networks, so often held up as examples of fiendish fanaticism, do have a positive side to them after all, and that they can help those of us who feel like they are wrong because they look different — as they did, in Brian’s case.

All the pic are taken from Brian Whittaker Instagram profile

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