Let’s not beat around the bush: TV shows are a true obsession for us. When we are at work, we can’t wait to leave to go watch the latest episode, we sometimes even say no to a night out with friends to stay up late in front of our laptop, on our couch. On our couch, with our computer in our lap, rather than spending time with friends or out for a drink. Sounds familiar? Well, then you’ve got the same issue as we do. So, guess who is our Man of the week? Why, an actor from a TV show, of course!

It’s Charlie DePew, the new idol of the masses. Only 21 years old, this handsome Californian is the main male lead of the new series Famous in Love, released in the US last week. Charlie plays Jake, a young man with one dream: becoming a film director, with equally beautiful Bella Thorne starring alongside him as his partner in crime. The two declared that they clicked immediately on set, and according to many, they seem to be getting closer and closer also in their private lives.

But who is Charlie, then, and what are his professional experiences? The DePews hail from Pasadena, and the family started getting interested in showbiz when they realized their son had potential: since he was a kid, at only 13, Charlie was part of the Disney Channel cast, on the famous show that discovered so many people who went on to become internationally known celebrities. Charlie got many other parts after this experience, and he ended up playing in The Amazing Spider-Man, Mad Men and The Goldbergs, to name a few. His work in Famous in Love is now being praised as his best performance to date.

You will notice his handsomeness and the reasons why girls go crazy for him when you look at our gallery. If you want to know something less obvious about Charlie DePew, well, here you are: he loves cooking, and when he is at home, he turns from excellent actor into an excellent cook. He used to play water polo in high school — that explains his beautiful body, and, last but not least, DePew is the soul of the party, and not because he dances or drinks too much, but because he is a DJ! Girls, we truly love him already… And we know you will, too. We told you, he is the new darling of the masses!

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