If his face looks familiar, and his surname rings a bell, there is a reason: Chase Hill is top model Taylor Hill’s baby brother, and he is following his sister’s steps in fashion. The only boy in the family — Taylor has two other sisters, Logan and Mackinley, with whom she shares a YouTube channel — Chase, whose birthday is 27 April 1999, recently turned 18 and he is a real sportsman: he plays football, he is a skater and he is absolutely crazy about snowboarding, so much so that he would like to become a professional snowboarder.

His modelling career started almost entirely by chance, when his sister Taylor’s manager, who had known him for a long time, asked him if he was interested in modelling. Despite Chase’s initial lack of conviction, his early success dispelled all doubts. His first appearance on the catwalk was at Dolce&Gabbana‘s super social show, but we are sure we will see his face everywhere very soon, since the man is very, very charming. Sensitive and artistically inclined — he loves visual art, and whenever he has free time off work, he loves spending it drawing and painting — he knows that all he needs to do to emerge is be himself. He has no problem making his feelings very public, discussing his affection for his sisters and for his friends in Colorado, or his fear of spiders and of heights — the irony, if we consider his surname, right?

He loves mountains, and he loves music, especially rap and rock: Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are his favorites, and it is very easy to spot him at festivals with his friends and sisters. Have you already bought all your tickets for next season? Maybe you’ll meet him right at the stage!

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