Equality is a birthright, not a slogan. It is with this sentence that actor Colton Haynes started his new, real life: this is definitely what we can call it, with no fear of exaggerating. A second life in which he doesn’t have to hide anymore, with no more need to hide his own identity. Colton started this new life by coming out as gay. If he already was a worldwide teen idol, thanks to his roles in Teen Wolf and Arrow, he now became a true role model for young LGBTQ people, and recently won the Visibility Award.
He got this prize precisely thanks to his engagement for the cause and his good example. After this important step, the handsome 28-year-old, hailing from Texas, decided to take a break from work, and make time for himself. But fear not, he will be back soon, with even more energy than before. In the meantime, we are making him our MCM of the week, and we are wishing him good luck with everything!
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