We are not going to lie: we have a soft spot for guys who grow up with a passionate heart, and even more so for those who have a clear aim, and actually pursue it… Just like our man of the week, Corey Harper, who fell in love with his uncle’s Fender Stratocaster as a kid, and started getting private lessons from him as well as his father, and nowadays, he plays as the opening act for Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson. It was Cody Simpson who discovered this amazing 24-year-old singer-songwriter and guitar player, and helped him rise to success.

Corey’s music is a mix of blues, country, rock and 1970s influences, and this blend is what makes his sound unique, appreciated by international artists such as Niall Horan. After leaving his hometown, St. Louis, Corey moved to Oregon to study history of music and literature, and then he moved to L.A. to start his music career — and these moves definitely influenced his musical style.
Corey declared in an interview that working with these singers, who also happen to be the same age as him, made the musical world human and real for him, helping him understand that everyone makes mistakes, because everyone is human: being a celebrity means touching people’s hearts, and it also means recognizing your own mistakes.

And being human is just what he talks about in his songs: emotions, love, and life. Corey is also among the founders of an art collective named Winston House, a place in which talented people from all over the world can get together and make music, to grow, all together. What else can we say, but hats off to him?

We have no doubt that his fan base grows every day, and that his EP “On The Run” made him known to really large audiences. We hope he can stay true to himself, and keep on setting a good example for his peers!


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