Who wouldn’t want to experience a fairy tale as romantic and magical as the one in the film Beauty and the Beast? No one, especially if handsome actor Dan Stevens will be their prince.

Clear, shiny blue aquamarine eyes, ash-blond hair and a British accent: Beauty and the Beast’s main actor, born in 1982, seems to be right at the center of Hollywood’s attention right now. After starring as Matthew Crawley in the TV show Downton Abbey, he now landed the role of the Beast who turns into a beautiful, elegant prince, thanks to the tenderness and love of a young girl, played by Emma Watson. This young man’s elegance was already noticed in 2013 by the British, when he was voted Britain’s Best Dressed Man, beating both Robert Pattinson and David Beckham. An eclectic actor, he also starred in Vamps, and he is now on Fox as TV show Legion’s lead.
Adopted by two teachers, Dan Stevens definitely nurtured his love for culture, signing up for college to study English Literature despite having just started to get important roles in multiple productions at the time, as part of the National Youth Theatre company. His consistency in pursuing his passion also pushed him to become a contributor for some literary journals, as well as The Daily Telegraph.

Is he the perfect man, then? Seems like it, especially if you look at his happy marriage with music teacher Susie Hariet, with whom he had 3 children. His plan for them is “to nurture their curiosity, and be able to instill a sense of magic, mystery and imagination in them.”

His life might sound like a fairy tale too, but in this case, it was acting that changed his life, rather than a girl. Acting helped him a gain control of his turbulent nature at a young age , when his temperament was causing him quite a few problems — such as getting kicked out of school — making him into a level-headed young man.
This excellent actor also started getting the attention of the fashion business: in 2015, Giorgio Armani picked him for his Made to Measure campaign, alongside actors Matt Bomer and Chen Kun, while Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci offered to dress him for important occasions such as the Beauty and the Beast press conference in Shanghai.

Handsome, talented, elegant, romantic, can waltz. What else do you need?

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