If you feel like you’ve already seen our Man of the week before, it is no mistake: his name is Daniel Kaluuya, and he plays the main character in Get Out, a movie that was just released a few months ago.

28 years old, with expressive features and big eyes, a warm smile and a lot of talent, this British actor of Ugandan heritage already made several appearances in a lot of movies and TV shows, such as Shoot the Messenger, Black Mirror, Skins, Kick Ass 2, Chatroom, Silent Witness, Planet of the Dead, Psychoville and Johnny English Reborn.

What to say? The man definitely has talent, and he is also bold enough to speak out against anyone who judges the color of his skin, since the release of Get Out was accompanied by a lot of criticism and racism. Among others, American actor and produces Samuel L. Jackson was also critical of the choice of a British black actor for a film set in the US, stating that Daniel will never be able to understand what an Afro-American truly feels in a society in which the middle class masks racism with a bleeding heart, liberal attitude. Daniel decided to respond to these accusations by saying that he is tired of having to fight with those who find him too black first, and then with those who don’t find him black enough.

It is a pretty scary thought to think of racism among the very same people who should be fighting prejudice together. Despite that, this actor is just carrying on doing his thing, and his career will not be stopped by prejudice. We are expecting him on screen next year with Black Panthers: all the spotlights, as well as all eyes, will be on him, so all that is left to do is to wish him good luck!

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