Let’s set one thing straight right away: Dave Franco is not the usual, garden-variety baby brother you might be thinking of. He never used his older brother’s James’s leverage, and before being cast for one of his brother’s movies, he became a good actor by gaining lots of experience. It is only mid-2016 and Franco already was featured in three important releases: Now You See Me, Nerve and The Disaster Artist. In an interview he promised that there is more to come! While we wait for those surprises, we are wondering, what does he have in common with his brother James? They are both very funny, that is clearly in their blood! The latest demonstration of this was on a TV showdown, during which he good-naturedly rapped and lovingly trash-talked Cara Delevingne — it was pretty funny to watch. So, to summarize, his career is at its zenith, he’s funny, he’s charming and he has a stable sentimental life, with a girlfriend he is about to marry. It looks perfect, that’s for sure! We found just one thing he might be regretting, and that may be that he was not cast as Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga. No worries, Dave, after all you rose to success anyway! You will find a collection of photos in our gallery, if you want to to get friendlier with our MCM of the week.

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