If you have a feeling you’ve seen him before, well, you’re probably right. Our charming Man of the week, Domnhall Gleeson, featured in several movies, among which Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Anna Karenina, The Revenant, Star Wars VII and Ex Machina, to name a few. He is also part of the cast of Mother!, a feature film which will premiere at the 74th edition of Venice Film Festival, and will be released in theaters at the end of September.

Domnhall was born in Dublin on May 12, 1983, and he is utterly in love with his native land and culture, so much so that he decided to carry on living there, only leaving Ireland to go to castings and to shoot films. His typically Irish name, which is apparently hard to pronounce for Americans too, means “king of the world” in Gaelic.

His dream was to become a writer and direct movies, but somehow, he ended up following in his father’s footsteps: Brendan Gleeson, his father, featured as Alastar Moody in the Harry Potter saga. This is clearly the right direction for Domnhall, since he already won a Primetime Emmy Award for his role as Winston Churchill in TV film Into The Storm, and he was already nominated for Golden Globes three times… But we must confess that he had already stolen our hears when he played Bill Weasley in Harry Potter.

It seems like Domnhall is a true rising star in Hollywood, so… All we can do is wish him the best of luck in becoming “king of film” there, and we will be waiting to watch him on the silver screen!

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