Times change, so do fashion icons, and children grow — almost way too quickly! We’re talking about Dylan Jagger Lee, son of the most famous couple of the 1990s: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Forget the times when Pamela used to charm all men with her beautiful body, running down the beach. She is now too busy being a proud mother, since her son is already a teen idol, at only 19. His face is the spitting image of the former Baywatch lifeguard, and from his father, he inherited that ever-fascinating bad boy aura. Dylan has a mix of elements to him that got him noticed by fashion maisons, so much so that he was chosen by Hedi Slimane for a Saint Laurent campaign a few seasons ago. On top of his love for his guitar, surfing and for his dogs, Dylan said he would also be interested in a modelling career. A case of like mother, like son, maybe? As for girls, Dylan really doesn’t seem to show any interest in romance at the moment: he is too busy with work, and he also has a very strong connection to his mother, despite “accusing” her of a lack of any sense of style. And, can you believe this? He has never seen his mum in action as a lifeguard before, since he has never watched a single episode of Baywatch! Unbelievable, but still, we forgive dear Dylan Jagger Lee, and we are sure we will see him on a magazine cover soon. Do you like our MCM of the week?

All the photos are taken from Dylan Jagger Lee Instagram profile

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