If you’re fans of American Horror Story, his name will ring a bell. He’s the most popular actor in the series ever since its first season, all the way until season six, airing now – so how could he not be our MCM? On the scariest Monday ever, we needed to have a fitting crush. Evan Peters was popular ever from the start of his career, winning prizes and critical acclaim, as well as the love of his fans – who can’t believe they won’t see him in more upcoming episodes (we’re doing our best against spoilers as we write, here). If his face isn’t new to you, that’s because… It probably really isn’t. You may have seen him on a screen before you saw him on the series – he featured in several advertising campaigns, from Kellogg’s to PlayStation’s: go find out on YouTube! Do you like this #MCM? Be warned, if you do: his heart is taken. After the third change of heart – and breakup – he is once again dating Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts’ niece and Evan’s co-star on AHS Coven and Freak Show.

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  • I’ve only watched the first season of AHS and he was amazing! He played his character really well and I actually finished the season in two days. Definitely need to go watch the other seasons, I’m so far behind! Honestly, don’t really like him and Emma together but if they’re happy, that’s all that matters!

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