“I enjoy playing roles in which the character has true heart.” Finn Jones, our Man of the week, declared this in a recent interview, and this sentence is very revealing of his personality. Many of you probably saw this handsome, blue-eyed man play Sir Loras Tyrell in Game Of Thrones, and he has now stepped into the shoes of Danny Rand, the main character of series Iron Fist, released as a Netflix exclusive a few weeks ago. This latest role was very transformational for the 29-year-old actor, as it pushed him to practice Kung Fu, Wushu and Tai Chi, and learn about meditation and Buddhist philosophy. The latter two were particularly helpful for him, both in his preparation for his role, as well as in his private life.
Born in London to a working class family, Finn felt he wanted to work in the showbusiness from a young age, so he enrolled into the Arts Educational Schools in Hounslow, Greater London. He changed his name into Finn — his real name is Terence — when he started getting more work as an actor, to be told apart more clearly from a famous English director.
Like many young people his age, he loves traveling, and Ibiza is his favorite location to relax, enjoy the sunshine, and of course, party. It was on his trips to this island that he got into techno and house music, of which he became a great fan. Finn is very engaged with social issues, too, especially those involving minorities: he joined a demonstration against Donald Trump’s bans, to champion the rights of migrants. While this may have turned some politicians against him, his fans loved him even more for that!
So, he is not just a young, handsome guy — he is possibly even more attractive in Iron Fist than in GoT! — he is also an engaged man, and a hard worker. He got involved in other important projects right after the first episode of his new TV show aired: a radio show, and a role in The Defenders, a TV show that will also be released on Netflix in mid-2017. Dear Finn, where do you find the time to do all this?

All the photos are taken from Finn Jones Instagram profile

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