Let’s start by saying that our Man of the week has a 7-year career under his belt, and was nominated Model of The Year multiple times. Francisco Lachowski, a handsome guy of over 6ft, is not exactly a newbie in this world, and he has a beautiful story. He was born in Brazil, although, as you might have guessed from his surname, he is of Polish heritage: this mix gifted him with a flawless cultural mix made of the liveliness and lightheartedness of Brazil, and the accuracy at work so typical of central Europe. Thanks to his height and his kind, yet sexy features, Francisco attracted attention from a young age already, and started modelling as a teenager.
The breakthrough came when Chico — that’s what he gets called by people who know him well — found himself on the catwalks in Milan and Paris, working for Moschino, Gianfranco Ferré, Dsquared2, John Galliano, Kenzo and Gucci when he was only 18. This was followed by a string of successes, the latest with Liu Jo Uomo, who picked Lachowski as its testimonial for the new Spring Summer 2017, to relaunch the brand with male audiences.
And if work seems to be going ahead full steam, his private life might possibly be doing even better. Around 2003, our handsome Brazilian married his longtime sweetheart, Canadian model Jessiann Gravel, a model 3 years his senior. Just some time later, Jessiann gave birth to two little boys, Milo and Laslo, as the icing on the cake of a perfect marriage. It is quite unusual for such a young model at the zenith of his career to start a family, isn’t it? Francisco is a very steady young man, though, and he wants to send a clear message: modelling is not a good career for those without a level head, and family is not something that will hinder our professional dreams.
We agree with you, dear Chico, and this is why we dedicate our Monday to you!

All the photos are taken from Francisco Lachowski Instagram profile

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