The MET Gala took place over a week ago, and in addition to the wonderful clothing we all admired, it also introduced us to some new faces to keep an eye on, new at least for us at TBS. Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis, a young man of only 22, was one of them. He went to the MET Gala with an absolutely elegant bright blue suit, and posed in front of the cameras with his friend Presley Gerber.

This man’s past, or actually his childhood, took him to many different locations in the world: born in NY, he grew up between France and a remote location in Ireland, to finally end up in NY again with his father, actor Daniel Day-Lewis. Yes, that’s right: Gabriel is the British actor’s son, whom he had with French actress Isabelle Adjani. From his two parents, he inherited a passion for the stage.

Gabriel has no intention to become an actor, though, at least for now. Actually, he confessed he even said no to some very interesting proposals, since he has another passion: music. His full attention in this phase of his life is focused on his project of becoming a famous musician, and his intention is to release another record in summer, which apparently will contain tracks featuring very famous artists. All we can do is keep our curiosity at bay, and tell our ears to wait some time longer.

But it’s not all about future projects, dreams and aspirations, Gabriel also leads a regular, day-to-day life like we all do, and it might surprise you, but Gabriel is actually very down-to-earth. If there is one thing his parents taught him, it’s that he shouldn’t just exploit his famous surname, and that he should rather get active, trying to create a career for himself, and that is just what he did: Gabriel gets a lot of work as a model, he posed for Calvin Klein and for some prestigious fashion magazines. Hats off Gabriel, we can’t wait to know more about you through your music!

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