If you follow the most famous modern soap opera in the world — we’re obviously talking about Keeping up with The Kardashians here — you will probably have seen this young man’s face on the entire family’s Snapchat… But Harry Hudson‘s story can set a positive example for many, and this was why we picked him as our Man Crush of the week.

Harry is 23, he is Kylie Jenner’s best friend, and he had a pretty turbulent life. Hudson is an R&B singer, and after working his way up, after many auditions and pub gigs, he finally made it big: the head of a major label (which happens to be the same label that shot Lady Gaga to success) asked him to collaborate, but this very moment was also one of the most difficult times of Harry’s life, because on the same day, Harry was diagnosed with cancer.

After hearing the terrible news, Harry lost his job and the only people who stood by him were the Jenner sisters, and two other exceptional friends: Jaden Smith and Hailey Baldwin. These were the people who helped him through the dark times he had to endure, and always stood by him. Harry’s story was followed by so many, gathering followers together on social networks, where Harry shared news about his health every day.

Kylie, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, was deeply touched by his friend’s story, and decided to start a long-term collaboration with Teen Cancer America, to raise funds for children who share Harry’s plight.
We love Harry’s story, because despite the chemotherapy, despite having to stay in bed at an age when all you want to do is go out and be larger than life, Harry never lost hope, and always managed to send positive messages out to the world, showing determination and a sense of humour that stopped him from falling into depression. Today, Harry’s life seems to be (almost) back to normal, and this allowed him to go back to making music.

This MCM, with a beautiful smile on his face in all the photos we see, helped us understand one thing above all: we should always be grateful for what we have.

All the images are from Harry Hudson’s official Instagram profile
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