Leaving some sort of mark in this world should be everybody’s aim in life. At only 17, James Charles is doing just that, and he is doing it egregiously. Not just for having become the first male testimonial of a makeup brand, but also because he is showing the necessary strength of character to overcome prejudice and mean comments about this move. James’s career as a makeup guru started in 2013, when he opened his own YouTube channel. On YouTube, he would informally give makeup tips to other teenagers. He shot to success very rapidly, but he was also the object of criticism right from the get-go. James’s comment on this was, if you have your family’s support and love, you can really get over everything. He is the talk of town now, his IG profile has almost 1 million followers, and international stars like Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres started getting curious about his world. His love for cosmetics turned him into a makeup authority, so much so that he became the first cover boy ever for CoverGirl. If this is still not enough for you to appreciate his talents, we will also tell you that James has a beautiful voice, too. Will his new YouTube channel be dedicated to his singing prowess, then? We surely hope so!

All the photos are taken from James Charles Instagram profile.

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