It had been awhile since we’d last heard of Taylor Swift: no upcoming albums, no featuring tracks, no new tours… And here she is again, back on all gossip sections, on every tabloid, thanks to her new fling, the handsome actor Joe Alwyn.

Joe is our Man of the Week: born in London 26 years ago, his life story is not a tearjerker, and it wasn’t plagued by difficult teenage years — on the contrary. Alwyn was born in a wealthy family that gave him everything he needed, ever since he was a kid. Joe attended London’s most important schools, and then joined the National Youth Theatre, also known for launching the likes of Kate Winslet, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Ed Sheeran. The most important moment in his education was shortly after he graduated from Bristol University, when he joined the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, one of England’s most ancient and most widely recognized schools.

After finishing his studies, Joe immediately started working in the film industry: his most important role to date was as the lead in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, a movie about the effects of war on the psyche of American soldiers, directed by Ang Lee.

Considering his young age and his excellent training, the British actor recently declared in an interview that he is still waiting for the role that will really change his life, that will lead him to large-scale success. For now, he will just enjoy this pleasant period of his life, made even better by the presence of his new girlfriend. We are pretty sure that this young man’s training will bring him the great results he deserves in the future.
Thank you Taylor, for letting us discover this young, talented man!

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