Justin Hartley is almost 40, he has a successful career and he is in such good shape that he looks at least ten years younger. He became known to wide audiences thanks to his roles in Smallville and Revenge, and he is currently promoting This Is Us, the new TV show he is starring in. This is a brilliant year for Justin, especially professionally speaking — his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show was very popular — Justin stripped and took his top off, making his fans very happy, and going viral in the process. If you’re wondering why on earth he would strip on live TV, don’t worry, he didn’t suddenly go crazy — he actually did it for a noble cause, namely, to fight breast cancer. As for his personal life, after the end of his marriage with fellow actress Lindsay Korman, with whom he had a beautiful little girl, Justin didn’t wait too long until he met Chrishell Stause, and got into a relationship with her. To be honest, when we look at the photos in the gallery, we are not at all surprised that our MCM of the week didn’t manage to stay single for that long!

All the photos are taken from Justin Hartley Instagram profile

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