He’s the new face of Louis Vuitton, former boxing champion and dancer, current actor and model and, last but not least, this week’s Man Crush Monday on The Blonde Salad: all the media are after 30-year-old Frenchman Kevin Mischel.

Let’s take a step back and start with a trivia fact: not much is known about his early and private life (where he was born, for instance, or when, or whether he’s dating anyone), but we have plenty of details about his career in sports, which have contributed a lot to making him the person he is today. Kevin, in fact, has always been keen on sports since he was very young, and namely on boxing. From courses, he trained until he became a professional boxer.

But there’s one event in particular which completely changed his life. When he was a teenager, he came across a group of street dancers on the way out of the gym in the Parisian banlieue, and (we could say) he saw the light. In that moment, Kevin knew that dance was his language, and specialised in popping (a mix between funky dance and hip hop).
With dancing came his introduction to the show business. He started performing and getting more and more confident on the stage. Success came in early 2016 with the movie Divines, in which he showed off his fabulous dancing skills, but he also impressed many as a promising young actor. The French-produced film was also awarded the prestigious Caméra d’or prize at the Cannes festival that year.

Riding that wave, and realizing he had a real passion for acting, Kevin decided to pursue his acting career further and was chosen as the main actor in a theater play, Night in White Satie, which the French swooned over. His new passion came at the right time too, right when he started to realize that, at 30, his body could no longer tolerate the intense exercise that dancing required, as he has frequently admitted.

Thanks to these successes and his good looks, Kevin found himself receiving proposals from every direction, including, most recently, to work in fashion! As we mentioned, Louis Vuitton and Nicolas Ghesquière selected him for their new campaign, together with the ever-beautiful Catherine Deneuve. And this is just the beginning – he’s off to a great start!

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