Everyone has known for a while that living legend Kate Moss opened her own talent agency, working with models, singers and performers — but the news that made us all even more curious, was that she has apparently chosen her top model, too.
This young man, and current talk of town in the fashion biz, is named Louis Baines, and we just couldn’t help choosing him as our Man of the week. Louis will turn 17 soon, and he is part of famous model’s Kate Moss Model agency, as we just mentioned. If being Kate’s protégé means, on the one hand, that doors will always be wide open everywhere for Louis, it also means bearing a lot of responsibility, a task which he seems to be approaching quite nonchalantly.

Honestly speaking, we must say that Louis had already had an important experience before his career was blessed by Kate’s golden touch, since he had already worked with one of Britain’s most renowned brands of the last few years: Topshop. That was followed by another impressive achievement for someone who was still only just a teenager back then, when Louis posed for British Vogue — and that is not all, because he also posed for Stella McCartney last month, showing everyone that he is ready for the world’s most prestigious catwalk shows.

Despite these jobs dropping in his lap (also) thanks to his exceptional mentor, as much as thanks to his evident beauty, Louis was discovered by wider audiences when he attended Coach‘s event with Kate Moss, walking arm in arm with her in front of the photographers. That is when fashion victims worldwide started searching for news about this handsome young man, who was so mysterious and so little known to the press back then. He still has a long way to go of course, but if “proud mama” Kate placed a bet on him, all we can do is trust her!

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