I will start with a confession: I must admit that this week’s Man Crush is also my very own personal obsession right now. His name is Luke Sabbat and he is one of the most influential teenagers in the fashion business. At only 19, he is a high flyer already, and his career is continuously on the rise. He started at a very young age in the industry, posing for John Galliano at the tender of age of 3. This experience was very important for his life as a young influencer, bringing a lot of work his way. He was on Yeezy’s catwalk and at the latest Dolce & Gabbana shows, and he was also chosen as the face of Tommy Hilfiger’s, Hugo Boss’s and Hood by Air’s campaigns, to name just a few. What his over 317k Instagram followers really love, though, is that their idol, Sabbat, is always relaxed, his attitude never contrived. He is also extremely versatile: one day you will see him in sweatpants and an oversize sweatshirt, and the next day he will show up with a button-up shirt and tailored pants… And he will look fantastic in both versions! If you think I am only saying these things because I have a thing for him, look at the gallery, and try to contradict me. Go on, I challenge you!

All the photos are taken from Luka Sabbat Instagram profile

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