“Make way for Prince Ali! Say hey! It’s Prince Ali” Does it ring a bell? Let us help you: it’s from a popular Disney movie. You got it, it’s from the Aladdin movie! A few weeks ago, news circulated that a remake would be released in the foreseeable future – with a very interesting cast. Who’s starring as the soft-heart street thief? A barely known but very promising actor and this week’s Man Crush: Mena Massoud.

Mena, as you might have guessed from his surname, is originally from Egypt, but his parents moved to Canada looking for better job prospects when he was only 3. More specifically, they settled in a town in suburban Toronto, and since Mena was so young at the time, he had no trouble integrating and succeeding in school.

While studying at university in Toronto, Mena had the opportunity to audition for different roles. Unexpectedly, he got a role in the TV series Nikita, and after graduating he also starred in another series, Open Heart. His latest role is in the aforementioned Aladdin, in which this young actor plays the title character in an important film – a great opportunity for him to work side by side with super accomplished actors such as Will Smith (as the Genie), and Naomi Scott (who’s been our WCW in the past) who will star as Princess Jasmine; the film will be directed by Guy Ritchie. Long story short: this will be a challenge and a unique opportunity for Mena to prove his worth and lead him to stardom.

In every interview he’s given, Massoud never fails to acknowledge his greatest inspiration, the unforgettable Robin Williams, who gave him (indirectly) the strength he needed not to quit even when things got rough.
Good luck Mena, may your magic carpet fly high!

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