It’s been some time since we last talked about someone with many talents that they can be called an accomplished musician, model and actor. This week’s Man Crush hails from the Netherlands and his name is Michiel Huisman; before the end of the year, we’ll see him starring in two new films! Yeah, we know, you must be thinking: this guy looks familiar, I must’ve seen him before. And you did! Thanks to a good amount of luck (and acting skills), Michiel has been involved in a long list of important TV and movie projects, not least Game of Thrones.
But let’s take one step back: Michiel was born in a town not far from Amsterdam in 1981, and as a teen he attracted the attention of local managers who invited him to take part to TV series and movies. It didn’t take long for him to become very much loved in his home country, among other things because he formed a band which became more and more popular among Dutch youngsters. Well aware of his potential, Michiel decided to leave the Netherlands and challenge himself with acting on American soil. In 2010, he got his first role in the US, in the TV show Nashville, and soon after that he was cast in World War Z; but the role that made him famous is that of Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones, which he got after Ed Skrein, who played the character in the first three episodes, quit.
As was to be expected, after this super important role Michiel received tons of job offers, both from the acting and modelling worlds: Chanel selected him as the male co-protagonist to Gisele Bündchen in the beautiful The One That I Want campaign released for Chanel Nº 5.
As the wind keeps blowing in his favour, our MCM then starred in Adeline side by side with Blake Lively, without however leaving the Game of Thrones cast. This year, as we mentioned, he’s back on the big screen in two movies that (according to the media) we’re going to love! Take note: the films are called The Ottoman Lieutenant and 2:22. So everything seems to indicate that we’ll see Michel’s handsome face quite often over the next few months.
His private life is just as successful as his professional one: Michiel is married to actress Tara Elders (also from the Netherlands) and the two had a child in 2007.
Not a bad way to start the week – not to mention to mark the end of vacations, right?

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