Music lovers like us definitely know Nicolas Jaar, and even those who usually don’t follow music news probably heart of him, too. Nicolas and his new musical masterpiece, Sirens, are the talk of town. He drew inspiration from his rocky past: born in the USA, the 26-year-old musician  grew up in the States as well as in Chile, a country he loves, and where his father was born. All this coming and going between counties and cultures enhanced and enriched Nicolas’s creativity, who became one of the most complete and competent musicians on the scene right now. And what about his personal life, you might ask? Well… It’s personal. Nicolas doesn’t like to discuss his private life and he is very protective of his emotional sphere — as you can see from his Instagram profile, which the musician uses exclusively to promote his work. Nicolas’s quiet, introverted side makes him even more charming and creative to our eyes. And let’s be honest: don’t you also think that, on top of being talented and interesting, he is also incredibly cute?

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