Everyone stop right there… Our wish has been granted. Jude Law has a worthy heir, his firstborn Rafferty. Even though good old Jude is getting more and more charming with age, the world really needed more of Law’s DNA out there. Just kidding! The real question here is, is a new star born? It’s still too early to tell, but he’s in the right track. His latest achievement was Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring Summer 2017 show: Raff, as he likes to be called, opened and closed the show with someone else who followed his parent’s steps, Presley Gerber. The show in Milan wasn’t Rafferty’s debut on a catwalk, since he had already worked with DKNY, but it might have been his best experience so far.
Watch out, though: Raff has no intention to become a full-time model, or an actor like his father, since he is actually passionate for music! Handsome Raff already has a band called The Dirty Harry, of which he is frontman and guitarist. At only 19, we can surely say he still has plenty of time to find his way, and we will be very happy to watch him find his path, having so much fun on the way. And to be honest, his gaze, that reminds us so much of his father’s, would have been enough to make him our MCM of the week 😉

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