Handsome, famous and most down to earth: Sam Claflin, you are our guy! The 30-year-old’s career is truly one of the multifaceted we know. As a kid, his destiny already seemed written: he was going to become a professional footballer, thanks to his innate talent. A bad accident changed his fate, though: he had to stop playing and his mother signed him up for a drama course, to try to make him feel better  — and that was how Sam started to study acting. He shot to success with the Hunger Games series, as we all know, but he had already gone big in 2011, starring alongside Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean. It was mostly after appearing in the dystopian, epic Hunger Games saga, though, that he was offered more and more roles. Hands up if you didn’t cry watching “Me Before You”, the heartbreaking story in which the British actor starred alongside his friend Emilia Clarke? As for his private life, no illusions there, ladies: Sam is happily married with another actor, and they recently had a baby. He recently confessed in an interview that he doesn’t enjoy going to the gym, and that he doesn’t have very high reserves of self-esteem… So we made him our MCM to help him with that! Jokes aside, really, enjoy the gallery below, and let’s fall in love with Sam Claflin together!

All the photos are from Sam Claflin Instagram

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