cooopA graduate of Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, Sam Heughan is one of the most promising actors around right now. Born in Scotland, 36 years old, he was chosen to be Barbour’s — the famous and very coveted rain jacket brand of our teenage years — testimonial for two years running. Barbour‘s is a brand that matters to Sam very much, since he grew up just a few meters away from where the brand’s founder was born! Cool coincidence, right?

Before this achievement, Sam Heughan was already very successful: he played Batman in a stage play that toured the world, he had a part in Romeo and Juliet, also on stage, and last but not least he was cast in the TV show Outlander, Which led him to fame with wider audiences and that is now in its third season. His talent, his athletic physique and a look that can melt even the toughest of hearts are what made Sam Heughan our MCM of the week. Ok, we will confess: he actually won our hearts with his wonderful Scottish accent, too! How can you resist it? 😉

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