34eDespite his height (190 cm!) and his athlete’s body, Sam Hunt won everyone’s hearts with a sentimental ballad, Take Your Time, which topped charts worldwide. His passion for music, especially country music, started when he was a little kid, and he started playing guitar for his friends and family, in the small town of Georgia where he was born. In a recent interview, the 31-year-old American declared that he almost felt like his destiny seemed already decided since he was really young. Everyone, including his parents, thought that he would become an American football star, but Sam actually always felt, inside, that his heart was taking him somewhere completely different… Namely, towards making music.

So he took the risk, and gave up on a glorious career to follow his dream in order to release his first album, Montevallo. The album’s title refers to a town in Alabama, where his ex owned a house, and that he still feels very strongly about. Luckily, everything worked out for him: the album is made of songs, mostly country songs, that brought him to success very quickly. He’s a very gentle, romantic soul in the body of a strong, powerful man, and it is this contrast that pushed us to choose Sam Hunt as our Man Crush Monday of the week. Sam is now working on his next musical project, and we can’t wait to support him in his next endeavour. In the meantime, why not have a look with us at this gallery of photos, celebrating his undeniable charm?

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