If you are wondering whether there’s one person who incarnates the dictionary definition of “New York cool”, listen up: we found the guy! We literally found the embodiment of men’s contemporary style in the Big Apple: it’s Jamal Jackson — also known as the guy behind Style Society Guide. Also known as the guy who is smoking hot, but totally decent; as the guy who shows up in classic suits — but goes for the surprising short-pant version of this classic; as the guy who started posting some OOTD’S a few years ago, and now has thousands of followers; as the guy who sports a 30$ coat, making it priceless thanks to his allure… and, of course, he is also our Man Crush Monday for the week.

The reason is pretty obvious: we’re irrevocably in love with his way of using fashion to create a subtle, personal note. He’s one of those guys who always look so effortlessly well dressed that we can’t we just can’t keep our eyes off them, wishing we had his same skill to create a stunning combination of pieces that maybe would never have caught our attention separately. Jamal puts these pieces together very refreshingly, spicing up classic pieces, giving them a modern twist.

His style secret? Luckily, that’s exactly what he discusses his blog Style Society Guide. After studying fashion in New York and having an internship at GQ, he decided to start his own business, featuring outfit breakdowns, styling how-to’s and shopping tips for men. Seems like he’s doing a pretty good job, since he’s becoming one of the guys to know in the world of men’s fashion blogs… And the fact that it’s men’s fashion is no good reason for girls not to check out his daily outfits, right?

All the pictures are taken from Style Society Guide Instagram account.

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