He’s on everyone’s lips right now, both for his personal life and his work: Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man, one of the most sought-after actors of the year, and reportedly Zandaya’s new boyfriend… so it was just a matter of time before he became TBS’s Man Crush, too!

Tom is 21, although you wouldn’t believe it by skimming through his incredible resume. The Holland family already counted two artists – his mother is a photographer and his father a comedian and author. When Tom was younger, his parents did not hesitate to enroll him to a two-year course at the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology, at the same time as he was starting hip hop dancing. His dancing skills did not fail to be appreciated by world-class choreographers, and that’s how Tom had his theater debut in 2008 with a minor role in Billy Elliot the Musical. Just a few months later, Tom’s gift was so obvious that the director felt compelled to change his cast and chose Tom as the main actor, starring as talented Billy Elliott, a role he held for two years, charming everybody with his acting and dancing virtuosity.

Theater, as it often happens, was Tom’s chance to showcase his abilities, kickstart his career, and shift to acting for the big screen. Very soon, Tom’s chance arrived to turn his life around: in 2015, he was cast as Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the new film of the franchise. Tom was already Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War (2016), and resumed the role for Spider-Man: Homecoming. For Tom, this meant a much wider public and becoming extremely popular from one day to the next. And we’re all definitely eager to see him in Avengers: Infinity War, which will be released next year.

These much-deserved accomplishments have made it so that Tom’s phone just won’t stop ringing, as the most important film directors and most beautiful women of Hollywood all want him so badly! The latest gossip suggests he and fellow actress Zendaya are very close ever since being on the Spider-Man set together… how much truth there is to it is unsure, but we’re all rooting for these two super heroes!

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