«All I want to do is play my part in this world, to be helpful to those who struggle». This was Troye Sivan’s response when he was asked what he wants to express with his art. Our Man of the week is very young, and despite his young age — he is 21 years old — he already inspired teenagers all over the world… And not only: his message can be understood by people any age!

You might be wondering how this guy popped up out of nowhere. It all started 10 years ago, around 2007, when Troye started his own YouTube channel, on which he sang his favorite artists’ songs. Thanks to these videos, the young Australian artist reached thousands and then later millions of people, who were captivated by his voice, and his gentle demeanour.

The transition from YouTuber to international star was pretty quick. The funny thing is, his first professional experience was not with music, but with cinema: he played in X-Men, and later on he featured in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, and in the musical Oliver Twist. Only a few years later did Troye finally manage to make his dream come true, recording his own albums, with tracks entirely written by him. The album Blue Neighbourhood won him recognition as a singer, and the prizes started coming: from Teen Choice awards to MTV Europe Music Awards, all the way until last week, when he won Breakthrough Songwriter Award at the APRA Awards, the Austrialian prizes for singer-songwriters.

The world loves him for his honesty and sensitivity when he discusses life, especially when he talks about the gay world. Troye came out to his family as a teenager, and later on to his fans with a video, on YouTube, on the channel that made him famous. Since this topic is close to his heart, he is very engaged against homophobia, prevarication and ignorance, as can be seen in his music, which often deals with the issues too many gay guys have to deal with.

Let us get inspired by Troye’s declaration, then, and let’s tell him that every contribution, even a small one, matters, and that we are with him, trying to engage to make things better, and to change our world in a positive way.

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