For those who are fans of Teen Wolf, like we are, Tyler Posey is basically family. In six years, and almost as many seasons, we watched his character Scott grow up, both physically — the most observant among you may have noticed he got quite muscular — and professionally. Tyler, who inherited his acting talent from his father, has a great following of attentive, wild-eyed fans who love his half-Mexican, half-British charm. These fans went crazy after Posey posted a photo announcing the end of the TV serie, but as there was no official confirmation of that happening yet, maybe it isn’t time to despair yet. But still… Rumors spread fast! You might be wondering then, how come such a charming guy is single, then? Here is the answer: he isn’t. After ending a 10-year relationship, the 25-year-old American actor now won the heart of another recently single girl: Bella Thorne. So, work is apparently great, and it seems like Tyler can have great expectations for his personal life, too. As for us, we can’t wait to watch the sixth season of Teen Wolf, and see what our guy is up to. Of course, we couldn’t leave you without sharing a secret: do you know who was Tyler’s first kiss? Miley Cyrus, when they were almost kids 🙂

All the pics from Tyler Posey’s Instagram

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