lllllIs there a link between fashion and art? We are surely not experts but, by looking at iconography from ancient times to modern day, it appears evident how clothes are important characters, or even protagonists of the work of many artists. Henri Matisse dedicates a painting to a folkloristic blouse,  Romanian Blouse;  Johannes Vermeer, instead, focuses on a pearl earring making us dream with a mysterious portrait (unknown until a couple of decades ago) in which the protagonist hides her hair under a blue turban. But there are plenty of examples; from the wonderful blooming dress covering Flora, the Roman Goddess of flowering plants portrayed by Botticelli in the popular Primavera as a woman spreading  the blooms she carries in her lap, to the golden dress that almost becomes part of the background in the famous portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt, in which what the protagonist wears transforms into a symbol of the magical and absolute nature of the ornament. We selected the paintings that most impressed us for the outfits of the women portrayed in them. What are your 3 favorite ones?


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    Bellissimo post. Uno dei migliori di tutti i tempi, complimenti! Potreste farlo diventare una rubrica…

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